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Barry Sheene Road Race Festival 2014
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About Us

On this page, you can Here, you can read about each of the individual Team members profile and the history of Phill and Marcus Andrews Photography on how it came about.

About The Team

Phill Andrews

Phill Andrews

Phill has been into Motorsports for many years and currently resides in Yorkshire with his wife Alison and his son Marcus who is involved with the site.

He takes a wide range of images of Motorsport Events, Horse Racing, Wildlife etc. and thrives to only provide nothing but the best images at the right moment and hopes you find the images you want.

Phill is very approachable and can be seen at most events around the country. If you see him out and about - don't hestitate to have a chat with him. Previously MSA Credited and carries a Public Liability insurance.

If you would like Phill to be a photographer at your event, please give him a call or contact him via Contact Us page.

Marcus Andrews

Marcus Andrews

Marcus has been working along side with Phill for some years now and loves to get out and about with his camera whenever he can and has supplied to many paper's and media outlet's.

He's also very greatful to Phill Andrews (Dad), Larry Carter, Teg Sport, Mark Casey(to name a few) for the support & help they have given him so far.

If you see Marcus around - do come over to see him for a chat. Marcus was previously MSA Credited but still remains to take pictures at the highest standards.

Oliver Jones

Oliver Jones

Oliver is the website administrator for this site and has known both Phill and Marcus for a many years.

Currently resides in Cumbria and loves being with his family and friends. He loves working along side with the Rallyaround Team when he's able to and loves working with the website and computers.

If you like to ask me about the website or computers please contact me via Contact Us page.

The History of Phill and Marcus Andrews Photography

It started with Phill Andrews as a hobby where he was using a camcorder at Motorsporting events and progressed onto using his camera to take images. Over the years he has gotten more experienced and more knowledgable in producing those perfect shots.

Marcus was intrigued by Phill's ability to be able to produce those outstanding images and prompted him to start shadowing his father in which he has grown and just like his dad - he's being recognised for those quality shots at the right moment.

It wasn't until some years later, that Oliver who had recently moved into the area at the time, bumped into Phill and Marcus many times in Wetherby. Growing to Phill, Marcus and Alison warmth and personality as a family, he progressed onto fixing computer issues and eventually started building their website back in 2004 where Phill and Marcus Andrews Photography was created.

The site continues to slowly grow and are seeing a minimum of 25+ visitors a day along with Phill and Marcus maintaining their Social Networking links such as Facebook and Twitter.

We are continuing to slowly grow and becoming recognised by achieving Official Photographer / Credited status in selected events and excel in producing those consistence quality images that you see today.


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